MANI – The MAnitoba Name Index


Welcome to the MAnitoba Names Index (MANI)

MANI is the online search tool for the Manitoba Genealogical Society. It was developed to provide quick, online access to the names found in our many resources – cemetery indexes, obituaries, local history books, etc. The MANI database provides the ability to search about 1.25 million records at the same time – names found in the following sources:

  • Indexes for almost 1700 MGS cemetery transcriptions (for over 40 years MGS volunteers have been transcribing cemetery headstones and indexing records)
  • Indexes for Obituaries from both rural and Winnipeg newspapers
  • An index of back issues of the MGS journal “Generations”
  • Indexes of BMDs (births, marriages, deaths) from publications and newspapers
  • MGS indexes created from local history books published without an index

MANI functions as a separate website from the MGS website.

Benefits for MGS Members
MANI is a benefit of membership in the Manitoba Genealogical Society. Only members can search in MANI free of charge. Some people join MGS just to have access to the information that MANI can provide.

The MANI Website provides other services and features besides online name searching:

  1. Purchase and renewal of MGS memberships
  2. A members-only area featuring access to MGS documents
  3. Archives of back issues of the MGS Generations Journal
  4. “Source Search” that enables readers to look at sources referenced in MANI. This helps find information from a specific geographical area (municipality), including:
  • Cemeteries – e.g. cemeteries in the municipality
  • Local History books – from specific geographical areas. Indicates where you can find a copy – MGS or “”.
  • Newspapers – about 300 published in Manitoba
  • Churches
  • Funeral homes located in municipality

Note: “Source Search” is a recent feature of MANI. Volunteers continue to add more records weekly.

Non-Members and MANI
Non-MGS members can access parts of MANI on the MANI Website Home Page:

  1. Free Search of Number of records available in MANI that match their search criteria. Individuals can then join MGS and get access to the records in MANI using the Register link at the top of the Home Page.
  2. Links to Research Services
  3. Links to E-store purchases

MANI Instructions

Registering for MANI

Click on the icon at the bottom of this page to take you to MANI. Once in MANI, click on “Register” (upper right corner) and fill in a username and password that is easy to remember. There will be a day or two delay while your registration is processed.

Using MANI

Once your membership has been verified you can begin searching the database. Click on “Login” and enter your username and password. You can now begin searching for specific family names and other information. If you have a problem send an email to and include your name and member number. Type MANI in the subject line of your e-mail.

New Members

New members can also use MANI to pay membership fees to become a member. Once a member, you can then register for MANI. Go to the Membership page for more information.

Accessing MANI

Click the icon below or Enter in your browser. MANItoba_email_sm