Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Update 2023

An epidemic is a disease outbreak that is rapidly spreading in a limited region.
A pandemic is an epidemic that is actively spreading to multiple regions across the globe.
Please respect that our volunteers are a vulnerable population.

  • Social Distancing
  • Masks Worn for Close Contact
  • Good Hygiene – Wash Hands





As of April 1, 2022, the Government of Manitoba lifted it’s Covid-19 restrictions and no longer updated it’s Vaccine Dashboards.  As a result, the Manitoba Genealogical Society also relaxed their restrictions.  Due to the fact that MGS volunteers consist of the most vulnerable covid-19 population, the following procedure is now followed at MGS:

  • social distancing is maintained whenever possible,
  • masks are required when sitting next to a MGS volunteer who is helping you with your genealogy,
  • good hygiene and washing hands as needed is highly encouraged.


We are looking forward to reopening the MGS Library/Resource Centre to the public.  It will be nice to see our fellow volunteers again, and sit across the table from one another instead of talking on Zoom.

We will be following current Government of Manitoba and health authority guidelines, along with any guidelines issued by our local authorities, in order to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers, visitors and the surrounding community.  This will allow us, obviously at a lesser capacity, to let members and non-members in to use the holdings of our Library/Resource Centre.

IMPORTANT  Due to the fact that almost all of our volunteers are older and medically considered more vulnerable to infection, SOCIAL DISTANCING will remain in force, MASKS MUST BE WORN and everyone coming to the Library/Resource Centre are required to be FULLY VACCINATED.  Those who aren’t vaccinated require medical documentation of no infection in order to attend the Library/Resource Centre.


  • Stay home if you are feeling sick or showing any flu like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose). For guidelines, see the provincial self-assessment tool.
  • Wear a mask inside the building.
  • Wash / sanitize hands upon arrival and frequently throughout your visit (non-negotiable).
  • Sign in so we have a record of attendance each day.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Your work station will be your home-base at the Library/Resource Centre.  Please keep your belongings together at your work station.
  • Sanitize your workspace after each visit to maintain a safe and clean environment for everyone.
  • Wipe down handles, taps and doorknobs in high traffic shared spaces (such as bathrooms or photocopier area) with sanitizing wipes provided before you leave those areas.  We need everyone to pitch in and clean up behind themselves.
  • Comply with all social distance and sanitizing requests made by the volunteers. Those who do not follow protocols for everyone’s health and safety will be asked to leave.
  • Yelling, intimidation and/or coarse language directed at any of our staff, for any reason, will not be tolerated and result in being asked to leave.


  • All volunteers and visitors are required to be fully vaccinated in order be in the Library/Resource Centre.
  • Those who aren’t vaccinated require medical documentation in order to attend.
  • If a MGS volunteer gives you direction regarding maintaining a safe space, you must follow it or face removal from the building.