Book Reviews – March 2023

Book Reviews
By Enid Dorward, #4502

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Great Scots! How the Scots Created Canada by Matthew Shaw. Winnipeg, Heartland Associates, 2003. 224 p. Illus. MGS library call number: GB & IRE 941.1, SHA
The early Scots built Canada’s first railways, shipping lines, universities and banks. As well, they became active in politics, literature, and the military—all of this over 200 years ago. They helped to build a firm foundation for the young country—Canada. Anyone interested in Canadian history will appreciate this volume, especially those whose background is Scottish.

The Desire of Every Living Things: A Search for Home by Don Gillmor. Random House Canada, 1999. Illus. 277 p. MGS library call number: FH&BIO 921 GIL
Here we have another look at Canadian history, this time a more personal view of a Scottish family (the author’s own family). This family emigrated to Canada, then specifically to Winnipeg. They were from a more recent generation than the previous book.

Home to Home: An English War Bride to a Canadian Citizen by Joan Browton, ©2009. 40 p. Photographs. MGS library call number FH&BIO 921 BRO2.
This brief story is also a more personal account of the author’s own story of emigrating to Canada and learning the differences between life in England and life in Canada.

In the Trenches 1914-1918 by Glenn R. Iriam. 277 p. MGS library call number FH&BIO 921 IRI.
Glenn R. Iriam has written an account of his father’s experiences during World War I. His father had written his own version of his story, but asked Glenn to re-write it but not to have it published until after the father’s death. He wrote about the many places he served, both in training and on active duty. The may chapters are brief, but they do serve to divide up the otherwise full-length book. Accounts of this kind of book serve as a reminder of the dreadful experiences our Canadian troops endured. It is important to remember these service men and the sacrifices they made for their country.

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