Do YOU need some research help? MGS Offers Free Research Assistance for Non-Members

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11 thoughts on “Do YOU need some research help? MGS Offers Free Research Assistance for Non-Members

  1. I’m in the UK 🙁
    I have a Ukrainian aunt with the Maiden name of Julka Krushelnicki
    and the married name of Julka/ Julia Slubski/ Slupski. She was born in 1891 , Molyszchyni? Ukraine. Can you , please, help me find her place of internment etc?

    1. Is your aunt interred in Manitoba or in the Ukraine?

      a) If in Manitoba, please email your query to our MGS Research Committee at
      They will try to help you.

      b) If in the Ukraine, the Manitoba Genealogical Society does not have access to records in the Ukraine. Please email your query to the East European Genealogical Society in Winnipeg at They may be able to help you.

  2. I am in the UK, and am looking for descendants of James Lang (b.1835 to ??), whose daughter Helen Constance Lang (1873-1932) and Frank Herbert Wilson (1881 -1941). I have further names of their children but I’m slightly alarmed at the restrictions on birth marriages and deaths in Canada compared to the UK! Is there any way to search online for the death of James in the Manitoba region between 1911 and say 1925?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. The privacy laws in each province of Canada may be different from those in the UK. In Manitoba unrestricted records are searchable for genealogy purposes within the following guidelines:
      Births at least 100 years ago or longer
      Marriages at least 80 years ago or longer
      Deaths at least 70 years ago or longer
      You may search the database by going to Manitoba Vital Statistics web site at:
      If your search of the database is not fruitful, please write back and I will forward your inquiry to our Research Administrator. Good luck.

  3. I am a member of the SW branch and do not usually attend the Winnipeg meetings. I wonder if you have any special interest groups learning to use Family Tree maker 2017?

    1. Hello Grace,
      I am not aware of any current special interest groups learning how to use Family Tree Maker 2017. However, I will forward your inquiry others in our administration who may have an answer to your question.

      1. Hello Grace,
        In follow up to your query, we are not aware of any current interest groups learning how to use FTM 2017. However, a suggestion was made to me to look at what videos are available on YouTube. YouTube is actually quite resourceful and a useful learning tool. Good luck!

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