Launch of New Member’s Area

MGS has been upgrading it’s online presence for the past few years.  Thank you to our team of volunteers who have given their input into what they want to see, and their time to help implement those changes.

Updates So Far

On August 22, 2021, we launched our updated website at  We have received a lot of great feedback on the website and overall, we are very happy with how it looks and functions.

On October 25, 2022, we launched our new store at  This is still a work in progress, with more streamlined online functionalities and new products coming online from time to time.  We anticipate that this will continue into the future for a few more years until we get it to where we want it.  Meanwhile, everything works in the store, and you are welcome to visit and shop to your heart’s content!

On March 1, 2023, we plan to officially launch our new membership area, including an updated MANI. 

New Member’s Area

Our volunteers find the new members area much easier (less technical knowledge needed) to use than our old membership area, so that brings you the benefit of a more robust posting of meeting minutes and other things in our membership area.  Check in frequently as more things are added to the member’s area, including branch documents, forms, etc.  View this quick overview of the membership area.

New MANItoba Name Index Area

MANI is a large database of information that was set in an older style “storage area”.  We have changed the type of “storage area” within which the MANI database is placed.  As a result, you will see that it looks a little different, and there have been a few enhancements, but essentially it is still MANI doing what MANI has always done. It just functions a lot better because the “storage area” that that data sits in is top of the line and MGS no longer has to maintain it.  This is better for the MGS volunteers and for you the users of this database.

Our next step with MANI, will be to get member feedback on what they would like to see added to MANI.  So as you click around and check things out, start thinking about how you would like MANI to function, and what changes you would like to see.  Start making a list so you can let us know when we start asking.

Did you know we have a team of MANI volunteers who put new data into MANI weekly?  If you have free time, we are always happy to get more volunteers.


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