George Languer EAMER (1868-1945)

Born in Wroxeter, Ontario on 19 February 1868, he was the son of Peter Eamer (1837-1923) and Margaret Thompson (c1835-1880). He came with his wife to Manitoba in 1889. They rented farms for several years then bought land at 20-7-19, two miles south of Carroll. In 1902 they bought a farm at 31-7-10 which they operated until 1927 when they quit farming and retired to Brandon.

He and wife, Catherine Casemore (1871-1944) had eleven children: George Alvin Eamer (1890-1945), Percy Cecil Eamer (1892-1894), Carroll Lancelot ‘Carl’ Eamer (1894-1988), Charles Wesley Eamer (1896-1989), Gordon Peter Eamer (1899-1998), Laura Edith Eamer (1900-1992, wife of R.J. Logan), Albert Edward Eamer (1903-1991), Alfred James Eamer (1903-1980), Hattie Eileen Eamer (1970-1995), wife of H.J. Moffatt), Ross Taylor Eamer (1910-1979), and Milvert Victor Eamer (1914-1995).

Farmer, Municipal Official

He was active in his community, serving as justice of the peace, a trustee on the Carroll school board, a director of the Carroll Ploughing Match Association, and a councillor for the Rural Municipality of Oakland. In the latter capacity he attended the 1905 founding meeting in Brandon of the Union of Manitoba Municipalities. He provided veterinary service to his neighbours (his wife worked as a midwife and nurse), he was a butcher for the Carroll Beef Ring and he sold insurance for the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company.

He died at Carroll on 31 March 1945 and was buried in the Carroll Cemetery.


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