Bertman Joseph Radigan 1890-1944

Bertman Joseph Radigan aka Bertram Joseph Radigan

Bertman Joseph Radigan was the son of Patrick Joseph Radigan and Mary Gertrude (Davis) Radigan. Bertman was born 30 April 1890 at the family home at 96 Beverly St., Galt (now Cambridge) Ontario.

Bertram Joseph Radigan 1890-1944,. WW I photo

Bertman was a banker when enlisted in the 79th Regiment Canadian Expeditionary Force at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba on 24 August 1915. All of his enlistment papers are signed Bertram rather than Bertman; it is unclear when he commenced using the name Bertram.

During service he was wounded in the left thigh in July 1917, right foot January1918, and in December 1918 he received an accidental perforating wound of the left eye. The eye was removed.  He first served in Canada and England; and later served in France in the 1st C.M.R. for 30 months.  His rank upon discharge on 06 May 1919 was Lance Corporal.

Bertram married Reta Sylvia McCarthy on 07 February1920 at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. They moved to 90 Beverly St., Galt and had eight children Mary Estelle, Patrick Joseph, Rita Muriel, Mildred Theresa, Thomas Edward, Frederick John, William Gerald, and Elizabeth Jane.

Bertram died on 21 March 1944 at 90 Beverly St., Galt of a heart attack. He was buried on 23 March 1944 at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Avenue Rd., Galt.

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