War Brides in Alberta

Our friends over at the Alberta Genealogical Society has an upcoming event entitled War Brides in Alberta.  It is a ZOOM presentation, and details are below.

Alberta Genealogical Society    EDMONTON BRANCH
General Meeting via zoom
Thursday, November 24, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

War Brides in Alberta

Jeanne Marchais was 12 when war was declared in lovely Loire Valley, France, home to scenic vineyards, fertile farmlands & medieval chateaux.  In 1945, she met Canadian soldier Max Pfannmuller.  In 1946 the newlyweds returned to his family farm, in the Mayerthorpe area.  Our speaker, Anna-Lynn Sanche will share the contributions made by her remarkable mother who was

1 of 100 known French war brides who came to Canada.  By maintaining close ties with other war brides & by making routine visits to France, Jeanne kept her culture alive.  She was an early member of the Alberta War Brides Association.  Anna-Lynn now continues this legacy & is preserving the history of the Canadian War Brides.

Photo taken in 1946 in Tours France, courtesy of Anna-Lynn Sanche

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