2021 Women’s History Month Contest


CONGRATULATIONS TO CAROL SIELSKI the winner of our Women’s History Month Contest!   She wins a free Research Package from MGS.

Thank you to the 78 people who entered the contest.  Only 45 got all  skill testing questions right.  We used an online “random number generator” to pick the winner from the 45 correct entries.

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1.  What year did all women in Canada have the right to vote?
a.  1960
b.  1954
c.  1929
d.  1916

This question was the one that was answered incorrectly the most.  The answer is 1960.  Thirty entries had 1916 as the answer, and although this was the year women got the vote in Manitoba, all women in Canada did not get the right to vote until 1960.


“On January 28, 1916, the Lieutenant Governor passed into law the right of Manitoba women to vote – and to put themselves forward as candidates – in provincial elections.  On March 14, Saskatchewan passed into law An Act to Amend the Saskatchewan Election Act, and on April 19, Alberta passed the Equal Suffrage Statutory Law Amendment Act S.A. 1916 c.5, both jurisdictions thereby granting women the right to vote and stand for election. On May 24, 1918, following passage of An Act to confer the Electoral Franchise upon Women S.C. 1918, c. 20, women in Canada were granted the federal franchise. It would be another 10 years before the Famous Five won the Persons Case Victory, and it was not until 1940 that Quebec women won the right to vote in provincial elections. In 1960 First Nations were allowed to vote without giving up treaty rights.”
SOURCE:  https://cfc-swc.gc.ca/commemoration/cent/index-en.html

2.   In 1903, Emma Baker was the first woman to receive a Ph. D. from a Canadian university.  What was her degree in?
a. Psychology
b.  Medicine
c.  Science
d.  Literature


“Emma Baker became the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from a Canadian university. She earned the degree in psychology at the University of Toronto.”
SOURCE:  https://femmes-egalite-genres.canada.ca/en/commemorations-celebrations/womens-history-month/women-history-canada-timeline.html

3.  Cecile Eustace Smith became the first Canadian woman to represent Canada in the first official winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.  How old was she?
a.  15 years old
b.  18 years old
c.   21 years old

1924:  Cecile Eustace Smith, a 15-year-old figure skater, became the first Canadian woman to represent Canada in the Olympic Games. She competed in the first official winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.  SOURCE:  https://femmes-egalite-genres.canada.ca/en/commemorations-celebrations/womens-history-month/women-history-canada-timeline.html

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the contest!  


This year we are celebrating Women’s History Month with a contest!

Every day in the month of March, 2021, we will post a new slide on the MGS homepage, acknowledging the women who made a major impact on life in Canada.  Watch the slides, and remember as much as you can.  There will be an online quiz April 1-7.

Contest Rules:

  1.  Visit the MGS website homepage every day in March to see the woman we are acknowledging that day.
  2.   At the end of March, we will post the link to the contest quiz right here.
  3.  Fill out the quiz between April 1 and April 7, 2021 at 10 pm.  CONTEST QUIZ!
  4.  The quiz with all answers correct will be the winner.  If there is more than one quiz with all answers correct, a draw will be made from those correct quizzes.
  5.  The winner will be announced on the MGS website and the winner will also receive an email notifying them that they have won.

Prize:  A MGS Research Package!

You will fill out our Research Request Form and our team of researchers will search the appropriate sources and get back to you with their findings.  This is a $75 value.

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