Research Assistance

The Manitoba Genealogical Society can assist you with your genealogical research. There are three levels of assistance available:

  1. For MGS members and non-members who pay the $10 daily drop-in fee – Volunteers will offer help to get you started on your genealogical journey.
  2. Basic research service for a set fee
  3. Professional service on a fee-for-service basis

Volunteer Assistance at MGS Resource Centre

Your first course of action should be to follow all possible leads – family, home and community sources, and oral interviews with relatives.  Visit the MGS “Getting Started” section on this website.  It will introduce you to the beginnings of your family’s story.  Check also the Library and Resource Centre for holdings to assist you in your research.  Organize your material before you visit our library or contact us.  This will make it easier for our volunteers to help you. Use only copies, not original documents when you visit us or send requests through the mail. Although we have resources from many countries, our main resources and collections are those about the province of Manitoba.  We can however point you in the right direction when and if your research indicates that your Manitoba roots have been exhausted and you need to move on to another province or country.

Basic Paid Research Service

If you wish to have more assistance with your research,  MGS searchers can undertake a Basic genealogical search of our sources for a set fee. MGS will use the information available in the Library/Resource Centre to conduct a “one name” search applicable to your inquiry for a pre-paid fee of $75.00 for non-members and $60.00 for MGS members. To help us get started, please complete our Research Form and mail/email it to us along with the required fee.

Please note that the time spent by our volunteer researchers  when no useful information is found is just as valuable as the time spent when we do find useful information. No refunds will be made. The MGS only accepts personal cheques, money orders or PayPal. Please do not send cash through the mail. While we would like to get back to you as soon as possible, we are a volunteer-run organization and it may take 2 – 3 weeks for you to receive a reply.

Sources Available

  1. Cemetery Index – transcriptions on tombstones of over 1365 cemeteries throughout Manitoba. (A list of cemeteries is available on our website.)
  2. Manitoba Crown Lands Registry – index listing land description for major land grants and homesteads. (Copy of index will be enclosed with research.)
  3. Early Newspaper Obituary Index – births, marriages and deaths found in selected rural Manitoba newspapers 1859 – 1887 and in Winnipeg newspapers from 1859 to mid 1890s.
  4. Manitoba Local History Books – approximately 900 books that contain family histories. The relevant locality must be listed on your research request.
  5. Census Records
    • 1870 Red River Census – contains information about all household members including names, ages, father’s name, place of birth, religion, citizenship. 1881 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, ages, place of birth, occupations.
    • 1891 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, ages, place of birth, religion, occupation, parents’ birthplaces.
    • 1901 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, full birthdates, year of immigration, religion, occupation.
    • 1906 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, full birthdates, year of immigration, religion, occupation.
    • 1911 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, birth month and year, place of birth, year of immigration, year of naturalization, race, nationality, religion, and occupation.
    • 1916 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, age, place of birth, year of immigration, year of naturalization, race, nationality, religion and occupation.
    • 1921 Manitoba Census – lists names of household members, age, place of birth, year of immigration, year of naturalization, race, nationality, religion and occupation.
  6. Henderson Directories – Manitoba addresses and residents from 1876 to 1908, and Winnipeg addresses and residents from 1908 to end of publication in 1999. (Fee includes a 5-year search span.)
  7. Manitoba Telephone Directories – Various Manitoba telephone directories for both Winnipeg City and rural areas from approximately 1950 onwards. (Gaps in coverage exist)
  8. Appropriate searches (e.g. Canadian Voter Lists).
  9. Appropriate searches (e.g. obituaries and social events) – mainly Winnipeg.
  10. Anglican Marriage, Baptism and Death Registers – over 60 church indexes from the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. The registers list parents’ names, date and place of marriage or baptism. Years range from 1813 to 1925.
  11. Some Catholic Marriage Registers – 30 Manitoba registers that list parents’ names, date and place of marriage. Years range from 1834 to 1982.
  12. United Church Archives Index – marriage, baptism and burial indexes for a large number of Manitoba and N.W. Ontario charges. Includes date and place, spouse, if a marriage, and parents, if a birth.

In addition to the sources in our library, we have access to many internet web-sites that may be applicable to your research request.  We will advise you of any possible further research and costs that would be of use to you when we respond to your query.

Professional Assistance

When contacting a record searcher: Include a copy of your pedigree chart (also religion, if known). Give details on the lines which need work. Specify what research has already been done on those lines. If not using email, include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

MGS Record Searchers 2018

The following have paid a fee to the Manitoba Genealogical Society to have their names included (alphabetically) in our list of searchers who will conduct genealogical research for a fee. Individuals wishing to engage the services of a searcher must correspond directly with the searcher of their choice. The Manitoba Genealogical Society will not recommend individual searchers nor do we take responsibility for the performance of a searcher hired by you.

LISA C. BOBBIE, MA – Morden, MB. Phone 204-997-3626. E-mail:
Research Areas: Family research and genealogy; First Nation and Métis ancestry; Fur Trade; Land claims; Social, cultural, and political History; Western Canada and Ontario; Traditional Knowledge and mapping.

 SARI FIELDS MA – Gimli, MB. Phone 204-642-7108.
Genealogical Research areas: Winnipeg and Manitoba – census returns, birth, marriage and death records, newspaper searches, obituaries, ships’ passenger lists, etc.

GEN-FIND Research Associates, Inc. #101 – 5170 Dunster Road, Suite #521,
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6M4
Tel: 250-390-1766 Fax: 250-390-1787 Toll-Free Tel: 1-877-390-1766
E-Mail: Website:
Research Area: Certified and accredited genealogists with many decades of experience, local to the Manitoba scene and nationally, will conduct hourly and daily research for family history and forensic/legal clients in all areas. We specialize in all English-speaking countries involving complex multi-regional pedigree developments though, with our network of agents, will also conduct work in other foreign countries. Please review our website and contact us for further information.

RICK MCLELLAN Phone 204-832-0033. E-mail at
Research areas: Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba, City directories, census, newspaper obits, local histories, cemeteries, homestead and headstone photos.

JAYNE PARADIS – Phone 204-254-6926. E-mail .
Research areas: Winnipeg and surrounding areas, city directories, obits, cemeteries, local histories and Provincial Archives.

James R. Rutherford, MGS Record Searcher Administrator (issued March 1, 2018)