Paul Snowden QUINTON (1926-2013)

Paul was born in Winnipeg on 20 April 1926. He was the son of Sidney Quinton (1888-1963) and Ellen Snowden (1898-1945).

In Winnipeg on 16 February 1951, Paul married Hazel Pearl Cooper (1929-2022) and they had four children: Jeffrey Quinton, Janet Quinton (wife of Bill Skelly), John Quinton and JoAnne Quinton. The family lived on Kingston Row and spent summers at Victoria Beach. After, retirement Paul and his wife lived on Vancouver Island for a few years before returning to Winnipeg about 2012.

Paul was educated at Windsor School, St. John’s College School, United College, and the University of Manitoba. He registered for a home economics class at the University of Manitoba ‘purely for business reasons’ as his dad owned a dye works and cleaning establishment company and he thought he would go into the same business and he had ‘to know stuff about fabrics and dyes, especially now there’s all this synthetic stuff coming out on the market’. Following service in the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War, he returned to the family business, Quinton’s Cleaners and Launderers, where he served as President until his retirement in 1987.

Businessman, Community Activist

Paul was a member of numerous boards, charities and business organization: the Winnipeg Canoe Club, the Winnipeg Kiwanis Club and the Winnipeg Football Club. He was Commodore of the Winnipeg Canoe Club in 1954. He served with the Bomber board for 15 years, being its President in 1970 and 1971. He was inducted into the Blue Bombers Hall of Fame in 1993 in the Builder category. He was a member of St. Marks Anglican Church during his residency in Winnipeg and St. John the Baptist Church during his time in B.C.

Paul enjoyed sports and participated in many during his youth. One was competitive paddling and he competed in many races including the 65-mile canoe race on the Red River which ran from the Winnipeg Canoe club to Lower Fort Garry and back which he and Barry McVicar came in second in 1943 completing it in 10 hours, 34 minutes and 42 seconds. He golfed for most of his life.

He died at the St. Boniface Hospital on 13 August 2013 and was buried in the St. Vital Cemetery.


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