February Poll Results: What Are You Researching?

Text reads 'Our poll. Your Voice. Results'This year, we want to hear from our readers. Your responses to our monthly polls will help us learn about how you use our resources and what we can do to further support you.

What our users research

In February, we asked you to share what you’re currently researching. There were some really interesting results, including several similarities among members.

What is your number one research area right now?

Although the poll let users share different responses, nearly half of those responding said they were focusing on European origins. This includes Germany, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and older Prussia.

In this category, one respondent said they were looking into the “settlements of Ukrainians in the Okno area and Portage La Prairie” in the early 1900s.

If you’re also searching this area — especially as Germans in other countries — you might have Volhynian roots.

Learn how to research this area >>

Around one-third of respondents are focusing their research in North America, including Manitoba itself, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Finally, around 20% of you had unique focuses in February, including getting your head around tools in our Resource Centre and searching for your birth parents.

What could MGS offer to support your research?

There were a range of ways people said we could help them, including speakers on topics of Prussian or Eastern European Ancestry as well as topics in the United States.

Some people also expressed an interest in more basic courses or support, including effectively researching specific people. For those in Manitoba, Themed Thursdays throughout March might offer the support you need. Each course explores how to use different resources to support your research.

Learn about Themed Thursdays >>

Other areas of research

When asked about secondary areas of research, respondents gave the following answers:

  • 38% said they’re researching in specific areas or for specific types of records (church records, cemeteries and immigration);
  • 25% said they’re looking into their Polish and Ukrainian ancestors in Manitoba and Saskatchewan;
  • Another 25% said they’re focusing on organizing their files or other admin work;
  • Around 12% said they were researching other areas of Europe, including Scotland.

Users gave similar responses when asked how we could support with this area of research.

Things researchers struggle with

There are a range of issues people are struggling with, according to February’s poll. In summary:

  • Types of useful genealogy software, including tree-building programs.
  • Citing sources or using a digital archival system for photos and documents.
  • Finding older records or resources for specific locations or people.

At least one user also expressed a desire for some improvements to our Generations journal. As new editor, I (Sheena) am happy to receive suggestions or additional feedback to help us improve the journal as I settle into this new role. Please contact generations@mbgenealogy.com to share your input.

If you’d like support with any of your research, please come visit us at the Resource Centre. We’re open Tuesday to Thursday from 10 AM to 3 PM as well as occasional Saturdays by appointment. Our next such Saturday is March 16th. Contact se-winnipeg@mbgenealogy.com by March 7th to book your place.

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