New Journals Received in February 2024

Kerri JamesFebruary’s journals

Kerri James, MGS #520, Library Volunteer
Member of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch

We have many periodicals available for use in our library. Some periodicals are digital while others are printed. The digital copies are available for viewing on the Resource Centre’s computers, and the current print copies are available for use within the Resource Centre.

The printed back issues are available for members to either review in the Resource Centre or to check out for up to 3 weeks.

Most Recent Issues

Genealogist’ Magazine

This paper periodical is published four times a year by the Society of Genealogists. The December 2023 edition contains several lengthy articles packed into its 30 pages. One article is “The Trelawny Family of Trelawne [Cornwall, England]” by Terence Trelawny Gower. This follows the Trelawny family from the 11th century to modern day. Another article is “The Baynham Family of Yate [South Gloucestershire, England]” by Peter Wynn. This article traces the family throughout the 16th century. The Society of Genealogists have given notice that future editions of this magazine will be in digital format.

The Chinook Arch

This digital periodical is published 12 times a year by the Alberta Family Histories Society. The January 2024 edition contains an article of interest to me called “Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine”, by Amber Godfrey. It is frustrating when you find a great piece of information on a website, then when revisiting the site, you cannot find it again. This service lets us visit archived versions of public websites, so there may be hope for some of us! Read the article to find the details.

Kingston Relations

This digital periodical is published five times a year by the Kingston Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. The January/February 2024 edition contains an article “A Letter from Isabella Rennie” by Michael Kerwin. This article contains information on the Mace, Lahey, and Ryan families. This article will continue in their next issue.

Additional January Journals

In addition to the above, we have received the following January journals.

A table outlining different January periodicals available at the MGS Resource Centre.

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