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The MGS Library and Resource Centre has recently received copies of a number of family histories, some of which are listed below. Even if these are not your families, the information within can support you as you explore your own origins.

Recent family histories at MGS

The following family histories feature people from France, Ireland and Russia, which can help provide clues for where to look when it comes to your own research. Additionally, if you’re researching Mennonite origins, you might find support below too.

The Cornelius & Aganetha Unrau Funk Family

Compiled and edited by Verna Funk, assisted by Leona Funk and Sylvia Roy.

Details: This book tells the story of the compiler’s grandparents, who grew up in southern Manitoba and settled near Warman, Saskatchewan in 1902, and their descendants. It includes some information about Mennonite history, and about the compiler’s great-grandparents who came from Russia to Manitoba in 1876.

Location: Family History & Biography 929.2 FUN2

The History of Phillip & Eliza Bingham

Compiled by Beryl L. Bingham, with the assistance of Phillip K. Bingham, 2013.

Details: Phillip Bingham was born in Ireland and came to Canada in 1883. He spent some years in the Ottawa area, where he married Eliza Paul in 1889, after which they homesteaded near Miami, Manitoba. This history includes information about their descendants.

Location: Family History & Biography 929.2 BIN

The Ancestors and the Descendants of Felix Boisvert (1824-1915), of Emilie Paquin (1827-1859), and of Leocadie Rondeau (1836-1894)

Compiled by Normand Boisvert.

Details: Some of the ancestors in this history immigrated to Quebec from France around 1650, and more than 1100 descendants have been identified, some of further migrated to Manitoba.

Location: Family History & Biography 929.2 BOI

The Gaboury Story: An Adventure across North America

By David Gaboury, 2023.

Details: The Gaboury Story examines the history of the entire North American Gaboury population, starting from the family’s arrival in New France in the mid-1600s to today.

Location: Family History & Biography 929.2 GAB

Brownian Movement: Tracing the Descendants of Robert Brown and Ann Jane Campbell, Vol 7: Alexander Brown 1850-1898 & Margaret Stirling 1855-1947

Compiled and edited by Gerald R. Brown. 2 volumes, c. 2022

Details: Alexander Brown and Margaret Stirling married in Ireland in 1873 before emigrating to Ohio in the United States. A short time later, they migrated to Perth County, Ontario before finally settling near Rossburn, Manitoba in 1880. This history traces their descendants.

Location: Family History & Biography 929.2 BRO6

If your family’s origins mirror any of those above, you might find them useful for your own research. So, come in and see us to start expanding on your own genealogy.

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