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New Journals
Kerri James, MGS #520, Library Volunteer
Member of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch




We have a number of periodicals available for use in our library, some are digital and others are printed. The digital copies are available for viewing on the Resource Centre’s computers and the current print copies are available for use within the Resource Centre. The printed journal back issues are available for members to review in the Resource Centre or to check out for up to 3 weeks.

Here are a few of our most recent issues:

The Minnesota Genealogist. This printed periodical is published four times a year by the Minnesota Genealogical Society. The winter issue contains several articles of interest. From Limburg to Minnesota, a Catholic Migration: The Snijker Family by Shannon M. Terwedo documents the migration of the Snijker family from the Limburg region (which includes both the Belgian and Netherland provinces of that name) to Minnesota. Diphtheria in the Dugout by Jason W. Swanson, outlines the immigration of a Swedish family to Minnesota in the late 1800’s, their home in a Minnesota dugout and the hardships and illnesses they faced. There are also two military stories: Minnesotans in the Spanish-American War: Military Service Records from the National Archives by John P. Deeben and Researching the Fallen of World War I by Joanne M. Sher.

Cariboo Notes. This digital periodical is published three times a year by the Quesnel Branch of the British Columbia Genealogical Society. This issue includes several articles, including Legend of the First People of Quesnel by Alvin Johnston; My Johnsons – From Sweden to Canada and the USA by Tammy Guldbransen; and Special “Delivery”, Sending children by Parcel Post in the US.

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    Hello Kerri I am a recent member. I am remote … living in Sussex New Brunswick but a proud Winnipegger by heart. MGS has completed research for me and I offered Vernon DePage to purchase a book helpful to my past research.

    Does the MGS Library have:

    Please review the following site for the book ‘Push On’.
    Push On by G. Patrick Johnson | Blurb Books Canada


    Bill Laird

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