MGS Writing Club SIG – Oct 2023

MGS Writing Club SIG – Oct 2023

The MGS Writing Club is alive and well, and open to all MGS members.  Each month we have a presentation which usually includes a brief 15 minute assignment to get you started on your homework for the following month.  This let’s you ask questions and get an explanation if something isn’t making sense to you.  We are all there to learn and share together.  Assignments will not be handed in, and are for your benefit only.

The next MGS Writing Club SIG is on October 17, 2023 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CDT and the topic is the Pedigree Chart format of publishing your family history.  

Although your assignments fit into one of the ten (10) main genealogical publishing styles, MGS has identified four outcomes they would like to see from the Writing Club SIG.  These are not rules, just an invitation:

  • Short one-page biographies for the Manitobans Remembered series and Lest We Forget series.
  • Articles for the monthly MGS Generations digital journal on any genealogical topic. This includes articles about research techniques to memoir style articles.
  • My Own Story submissions for the MGS Generations digital journal. Typically, a My Own Story is a 2,500-word (or less) biography of a family with images, but does not have to be.  Options for a My Own Story can be a Theme-Based Family History, Family Biography, Event History, Memoir, or a Living Memory—all covered in our Writing Club.
  • Member publications of pedigree chart, family groups sheets and biographies for inclusion in the MGS archival collection of member-submitted genealogies.

Of course, submission of Manitobans Remembered, Lest We Forget, or Generations articles are optional, we hope you will consider it.  Generations submissions go to Library and Archives Canada, Manitoba Archives and to many genealogical societies with the MGS journal exchange program.  This gets your family information before many more people and future genealogists may find your publication in an archive or library and be as excited as you would be if you found a story from one of your ancestors.

We hope that you will join us.  The MGS Writing Club SIG is a MGS member-benefit at no cost to members.  Just email and ask to be added to the SIG.  We hope to see you!

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