James Gardiner FAIRBAIRN (1845-1912)

James was born in Brockville, Ontario on 30 November 1845, the son of David Fairbairn (1798-1871) and Catherine Fulford (c1822-1908).

On 01 January 1872, he married Margaret Frame of Bruce County, Ontario and they had eight children: Margaret Fairbairn (1872-1941, wife of George Palmer), Catherine “Kate” Fairbairn (1876-1925, wife of William Orr), Mabel Fairbairn (1879-1852, Charles Slater), Edna Fairbairn (1880-1953, wife of Stephen Garland), David Fairbairn (1882-1960), Robert Fairbairn (1885-1960), Chester Fairbairn (1889-1974), and George Fairbairn (1891-1958).

 Saddler, Harness Merchant

He was apprenticed in the trade of harness maker at Walkerton and after serving his time he carried on business in this trade for 14 years. In 1883, he came to Manitoba and the next year arrived at Portage la Prairie where he established a business as a saddler and harness merchant.

He died 03 April 1912 at Portage la Prairie and is buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Portage.


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