New Periodicals

New Periodicals
Kerri James, MGS #5962, Library Volunteer
Member of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch

We have a number of periodicals available for use in our library. Some periodicals are digital and others are printed. The digital copies are available for viewing on the Resource Centre’s computers and the current print copies are available for use within the Resource Centre. The printed copy back issues are available for members to either review in the Resource Center or to check out for up to 3 weeks.

Here are a few of the most recent issues:

The Oregon Genealogical Society Journal, Lane County. This digital periodical is published twice a year by the Oregon Genealogical Society, Inc. The Spring 2023 edition contains 56 pages of articles and information about Oregon history and genealogy, including: A Massacre in Ohio (War of 1812); The Temple Family Comes to Oregon; Oregon Migration Routes; two articles on DNA successes; and a number of Personals transcriptions from two 1895 newspapers.

Kingston Relations. This digital periodical is published five times a year by the Kingston Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. The May / June 2023 edition contains an in-depth recap of a presentation by Melanie McLennan: The Great Hunger / An Gorta Mor – A Genealogist’s Retrospective (the 1847 Great Potato Famine and subsequent Irish migration) and an article: Famine in Kaladar Township [Ontario].

Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society Newsletter. This digital periodical is published four times a year by P.E.I. Genealogical Society, Inc. The April 2023 edition contains a lengthy article: Growing up in East Baltic (a combination of genealogy and memories of olden times); a shorter article: The Way We Were Back in 1873 (celebrating the 150th anniversary of Prince Edward Island entering Canadian Confederation).

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