Goin’ to ‘the Lake’

Goin’ to ‘the Lake’ by Daryl Dumanski (m.s. McCowan) MGS #1031

In Manitoba we usually hear this phrase once we hit the long weekend in May. Like socials in Manitoba, it is not familiar in many other provinces. We are indeed a special province to have such an abundance of lakes. According to a quick question to Google “We are home to over 100,000 lakes including Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipegosis and surface water covers approximately 16 percent of the province.” That’s a lot of swimming holes!

We didn’t have a particular lake to go to when I was little, but I was fortunate to grow up going somewhere for a drive most Sundays and my family visited many places, towns, and lakes throughout Manitoba. One of my fondest, earliest memories is a summer day going to the beach.

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