Jonathan TROOP (1851-1935)

Born in Lincolnshire, England 14 August 1852,  he arrived in Fort Garry in 1874.

As a young man, he decided to go west and set out walking to High Bluff, which he reached in about a day. He stopped at the late Max Wilons and then continued on to Burnside where he started a farm he successfully operated for many years. He was one of the first farmers in the district to haul grain to Winnipeg by ox team from Burnside in 1882.

 Pioneer, Farmer

On the inauguration of the Oldtimers’ and Pioneers’ Association he was made president in which office he continued until the time of his death. In politics he was an ardent Conservative and took a prominent part in the election of the Hon. Arthur Meighen when he first ran in this constituency. In religion he was originally a Methodist but later a member of the United church. For many years he acted as preacher in the Burnside Church.

He first married Susanna RUTLEDGE (1852-1879) and then Janet Rutledge (1859-1924). He had 12 children: Susannah Bella (1876-1951, wife of Barry Gordon CREALOCK), John Troop (1878-1979), Baby Girl Troop (1879-1879), Frances (1880-1968, wife of Joseph HYDE), William John (1882-1943), Thomas Wesley (1884-1971), Alfred James (1885-1953), Lucy Jane (1889-1967, wife of Thomas W EBBERN), David Gordon (1891-1976), Jeanette Elizabeth (1893-1974, wife of Harrell John ATKINSON), Florence Violet (1895-1983, wife of William James GALBRAITH, Jonathan Herbert (1897-1963).

He died at Winnipeg 05 August 1935 and was buried in the Burnside Cemetery.


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