Charles Joseph NABESS (1946-2014)

Born at Cormorant on 11 June 1946, he was the son of Patrice Nabess (1904-1950) and Maria Parenteau (1906-1994). At the age of four Charles moved to Thicket Portage after the death of his father. He moved to The Pas at the age of 16 where he and his brother, Don, began performing together.

The brothers moved to Winnipeg in 1963 and formed “The Midnight Angels”. Their single I’m Sufferin’paved the way for a new group “Three Penny Opera”. The group lasted until 1992 and performed all over North America and Europe. Charles led the house band in Yellowknife for six years before returning to Winnipeg to spent more time with his family in 2005


Charles had been married twice; first to Doreen Bauer in 1984 and then to Kris Nabess in 1984. He had five children: Charles Ducharme, Roe Bauer, Alan Nabess, Ella Nabess, and Lisa Nabess.

Charles was able to make a living doing what he really loved – playing music as a full-time musician. His love of music started early in life beginning at the age of 10 he taught himself how to play the guitar. Charles also was a songwriter, culminating in his final song that he wrote and produce, his crown jewel Bayline Train. Charles also taught music throughout the years and was a mentor to many in the industry.

He died at Winnipeg on 06 May 2014 and was buried in the Brookside Cemetery.



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