KOHA Upgrade In Progress

Koha is a free library catalogue program used by libraries all over the world.  MGS has successfully used KOHA for decades and will continue to do so.

Our version is version 1, and as of January, 2023, Koha released version 22.05.08.  In addition to an upgraded version of Koha, we are also transferring our library catalogue database onto the new server that MANI has been transferred to.  What this means to you, dear user, is that when the upgrade has been completed, a new and improved Koha will emerge.  Please be patient as we make this transfer and upgrade.

If your need for Koha is desperate, please contact the MGS family history resource library as they have a copy of the database that they can access on the resource centre computers on Tuesday thru Thursday.

For those of you with inquiring minds who want to know what Koha may look like once installed, you can visit the official Koha demonstration site.

Rest in Peace, Amber.

MGS would like to acknowledge Amber Bole, who looked after KOHA for MGS for over two decades.  Her computer savvy was highly valued at MGS, and we offer our condolences to her parents Mary and Jim Bole (who have been long time MGS members) as well as her family and many friends.

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