Project Report for January 2023

Submitted by Rick Brown, Project Chair

MGS Member Genealogical Project

Back before all the current privacy issues many members filled out family pedigree charts.
We plan to use the information to enter the names into MANI and create spreadsheets showing names,
date of birth, death and marriage to assist everyone’s research. Some packages of information include
extensive family trees. The information can be viewed at the MGS or provided for a nominal research

The current issue is for implementation relates to possible privacy concerns.

Cummins Map Indexing – Current Status
Of the 87 areas,
38 areas are completed
38 are still being indexed
11 remaining for a few willing indexers.

The review process will be lengthy.
It appears many of the European names were entered phonetically.
Census and Family History Books will hopefully solve the issue.
Member assistance may be required to help in the final review process.

Family History Book Indexing
This is an ongoing project which only requires reading about an area in Manitoba and entering names
and page numbers. The books can be viewed on line from the U of M Digital collection or borrowed
from the M G S library. Excel spreadsheet blank will be supplied.

Audit of existing records ongoing.

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