New Digitized Records Available at Ukrainian Archives

The website Finding Lost Russian and Ukrainian Families regularly posts when records have been digitized and updated.  In this new blog article, Efforts to Digitize and Post Records Online Going Strong at Ukrainian Archives, many new records are described spanning new records from Oct 2022 to Jan 2023 scanning work. Here are just a few of the highlights from their very long list:

  • Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine of Lviv posted 130 cases online from Roman Catholic books.
  • State Archives of the Lviv Region posted three books of births, marriages and deaths for 1941-1942 and 25 files on Union of Defenders of the City of Lviv.
  • The State Archive of the Dnipropetrovsk Region added books with marriage and death records from the Church of the Annunciation in Katerynoslav.
  • North of that region, Kharkiv Archives has just posted 30 cases listing registered residents during Nazi occupation of 1941.
  • Audits of taxable population landowners of the Starobil district from 1858.

Soviet Era Persecution Records

In regards to Soviet-era persecution records, the Central State Archive of Public Associations and Ukrainian Studies posted about 5,000 scans on persecution victims. Files are listed by the victims’ names in alphabetical order.  More than 75 persecution files were posted by the State Archive of the Volyn Region. The files are listed by the victims’ names but not in alphabetical order.  State Archive of the Kirovohrad Region added scanned records of citizens who were forced laborers of Germany during WWII.  There are many more records that what is listed here, so visit the blog to learn more.

FamilySearch International

FamilySearch International also has been busy updating the indexed records for these databases- Ukraine, Cherkasy Church Books, 1734-1930; Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia Church Books, 1774-1935; Ukraine, Poltava, Metrical Books, 1741-1937; Ukraine, Mykolaiv, Metrical Books, 1790-1917; Ukraine, Ternopil, Church Books, 1828-1921; Ukraine, Kiev Confession Lists, 1741-1918; Ukraine, Odesa Census Records 1897; Ukraine, Western Ukraine Catholic Church Book Duplicates, 1600-1937; Ukraine, Dnipro Church Books, 1780-1930; and Ukraine, Mykolaiv Church Books, 1770-1930.

Jewish Records

Not only is FamilySearch International helping to digitize archive records, Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center continues to help with the effort. Work began in mid-December in the Chernihiv Region archives. More than 2.3 million records are posted on the Babyn Yar website from 10 Ukrainian archives.  You can find the link in the blog post.

War In Ukraine

Ukrainian archive officials are working with international agencies and organizations to better secure their priceless records.  On Friday, Jan. 20, 2023, it was announced that 20 special certified fire-resistant cabinets arrived from Germany through cooperation from the Federal Archives of Germany, the State Archives of Bavaria, the Ukrainian Art Aid Center in Germany and the German-Ukrainian Society.  To learn more about their preservation activities, see the link at the beginning of this blog post.

Manitoba Connection

Large groups of individuals from various Ukrainian towns, up and moved enmasse to Manitoba in a group.  One such group settled in the Brokenhead area of Manitoba.  New records from the Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions have now been posted online, so you may find your ancestors listed in these records.

Visit this blog post for links to all the records: Efforts to Digitize and Post Records Online Going Strong at Ukrainian Archives.

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