Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Rick Brown, Project Chair

With a new generation of people researching their ancestry at MGS, we are considering restarting Special Interest Groups—SIG’s for short. Between the low visitor numbers on Wednesdays and my interest in everything Icelandic, I would like to know if any members would like to join me on Wednesday for Icelandic research. If you are just starting or are a seasoned researcher, we can all learn or help others.

Hidden in the shelves of the library are more than 40 books in 7 different areas relating to Icelandic heritage. I also have some books in Icelandic which I am sure will interest many researchers. I would like to know how many of you would be interested in a once a month gathering beginning Jan. 11, 2023. Since I am the Wednesday volunteer you can also visit any Wednesday between 10 am and 3 pm for conversation and assistance.

There may also be interest in establishing SIG’s for other ethnicities. Please let us know so we can begin planning. Looking forward to your replies at projects@mbgenealogy.com

To Date:   there has been expressed interest in Icelandic, East European, and Legacy software groups.  What is your interest?  Email projects today!

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