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MGS produces a 40 page journal every three months–although this number of pages is not set in stone.  We have not been able to find an editor for the past 7 issues, and have been relying on our regular volunteers to take on this additional task.

The MGS Executive and Council, although loath to see the journal go, are pretty much in agreement that the journal’s time has passed.  The cost of printing the journal for our long-time members without email and the few archives that have requested our journal costs MGS in the thousands annually to print and mail.  On a per issue cost per member, the journal is not covered by our modest membership fees—and we only print 23 copies each quarter.  In addition, there is no MGS  volunteer willing to step forward and take this Council position.

MGS has a journal exchange program with over 45 other genealogical societies, and almost all of them come digitally and are available for viewing at the MGS Resource Library.  These range from 8 pages to 24 pages for the most part, and are published quarterly, 3-times a year, or bi-annually.  A few societies have a monthly email newsletter that is small (usually one – two pages).

At MGS, we often wonder how many people read the journal.  So we decided to do a survey.  It was published in the December 2022 journal with a link to the poll which you will find below.  In the first 10 days since the journal went out, only 23 people responded to the poll.  This begs the question:  Did only 23 people open the journal and read it?  Or some did not care enough about receiving Generations that they read the article but didn’t do the poll?

For more details about this topic, please see the article Do You Want To Keep The Generations Journal? as published in the December, 2022 issue.


If you are interested in becoming the editor of the Generations journal, please contact

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