Maurice Peter Kalushka (1918-2002)

Born at Emerson on 04 February 1918, he was the son of Peter Kalushka (c1888-1982)and Barbara ? (1892-1981). He lived with his family in Michigan during his early childhood and then returned to Manitoba and settled in Tolstoi.

He attended school in Emerson and eventually studied Theology at St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg. He attended the Central Normal School and received a teaching certificate in 1940. He began a teaching career at Shell Valley School, later teaching at Tummel School, Alonsa School (1944-1945), Brookfield School, Beausejour School, and Cromwell School. He served as the Principal of Stockton School (1950-1952, 1955-1957), Clearwater School (1952-1955), Basswood school (1957-1958), and Carroll School (1958-1961). In Brandon, he taught at Harrison School until retirement in 1982. While teaching, he received BA (1967) and BEd (1969) degrees from the University of Manitoba.


On 26 November 1943, he married Victoria Burla and they had three children: Debbie Kalushka (wife of Stan Mosek), Tim Kalushka (husband of Kathy Wilkins), and Marion Kalushka (wife of Mike Broda).

He enjoyed playing violin, hunting, baseball, fishing, golfing, and curling. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, the Royal Canadian Legion, and the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

He died at Brandon on 11 November 2002 and was buried in the Rosewood Memorial Gardens.



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