USB Sticks For Sale

How many times have you been at the MGS Resource Library and said to yourself, “Darn! I forgot my USB stick!”

Starting next Thursday, September 1, 2022 the MGS will begin to sell USB sticks at the front counter to members of the public who would like to purchase one. This new service was approved by the MGS Council in June 2022.

Why would you need a USB stick?

  • download a news clip from our International subscription to
  • download a record from our library version of
  • to scan a family group sheet that was submitted by a member that is in our library
  • to scan a page from a family history book that is on our library shelves

There are many reasons why we use a USB stick—I personally use mine every time I am at the MGS Resource Library.  Now I don’t need to chastise myself about forgetting my USB stick—I can just buy one and carry on with my research.

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