WEBINAR: Peeling Back the Grid

May 2022 Special Presentation
Peeling Back the Grid: Restoring “First Families” of the Edmonton District to their proper places on the map
with Documentary Filmmaker Dylan Reade
Co-sponsored by: Société généalogique du Nord-Ouest (SGNO)


Animated maps and little-known genealogical resources help point the way to rebuilding the larger and older story that lies beyond the false boundaries of our River Lot narratives. A rediscovery of community in the days before scrip, survey or Reserves.Case studies from across the Edmonton District include examples from recent work produced for the UNESCO Beaver Hills Biosphere.


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We will hold session 2 of this theme on June 23, with local artist Amber Paquette speaking on “Uncovered Chapters: Stories of Métis Genealogy & Kinship.“  I hope you can join us, or pass on to others who are captivated by our amazing & meaningful social history in Alberta.



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