April 2022 Beginning Genealogy Workshop series

These three sessions for one low introductory price—come learn how to do your genealogy.

Thursday, April 7, 2022    7 pm Beginning Genealogy
Thursday, April 14, 2022  7 pm Finding Your Genealogy Information
Thursday, April 21, 2022, 7 pm DNA Testing in Genealogy Research

Non-members: $50
Members: $20

Tickets on sale on Eventbrite, February 17, 2021.

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Bill Curtis presenting the Beginning Genealogy Workshop series


When you sign up for Eventbrite to purchase your ticket, you must enable emails from Eventbrite to receive the tickets and instructions before the event.  You will only be sent mails about the event you register for, and the organizations that you “follow” on Eventbrite.  Example:  If you follow MGS on Eventbrite, you will receive an email when MGS offers another webinar or class through Eventbrite in the future.

You will get an email from ZOOM informing you of the upcoming workshop on Eventbrite. You MUST register with ZOOM (just follow the instructions in the email).

ZOOM will then send you the meeting details which you will use for all three sessions. There is a 2-3 minute delay between registering for the ZOOM workshop and getting the meeting details.

If you don’t have a free ZOOM account, you can sign up for that at any time leading up to the workshop. We recommend you do this ahead of time. If you are having issues with all this technology, please feel free to email vpcommunications@mbgenealogy.com for assistance. We will set up a telephone call and will walk you through it.

If the technology is just too much (!) join us at the MGS Resource Centre, 1045 St. James Street, Winnipeg, MB

Beginning Genealogy

Bill Curtis of the Manitoba Genealogical Society introduces the basics of genealogical research in this first of a 3-part workshop. In this session, you, along with the rest of the group, will become family history detectives. You will learn how to find, and evaluate clues in actual case studies; helping you develop the skills necessary to pursue your own family history.

Finding Your Genealogy Information

Once you have a basic understanding of the process of researching your family history, you will want to know where to find more information. Some of that information is “hidden” on the internet. Google is one of the best tools available to find it, but getting millions of “hits” during a search is not helpful. This session will show you how to “dig out” the information that applies to your own specific family. Google can also help you find libraries and archives that contain information not on the internet. The key to using google successfully for genealogy, is really understanding how it works.

DNA Testing in Genealogy Research

Are you thinking of doing, or have you done a DNA test? Can DNA testing help solve a family mystery, and if so, how? This session will give you a basic understanding of what DNA testing is, in simple and easy to understand language. It will explain what kinds of DNA tests are available, and what they can and cannot tell you. It will cover topics such as finding living relatives today, and how far back you might be able to trace your family. We will discuss which family members should do a test, and why. We will look at how ethnicity is determined, and discuss the different testing companies. Are you puzzled by your test results? We will also discuss that.

Gord McBean working ZOOM for our online attendees. (Nov, 2021)

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