WEBINAR: Genealogy, Genetics & DNA

This webinar is being offered by Creative Retirement Manitoba.

Genealogy, Genetics & DNA

What is DNA and how can learning about yours help you to build your family tree? Discover the ins and outs of DNA including: Components and Types of DNA, How DNA replicates itself, Mutations, Genes and Chromosomes, Dominant and Recessive genes, Sex-linked genes, Hereditary Diseases, Inheritance of blood types.

How can a person search their ancestry using DNA markers?
DNA testing services, Searching family history using DNA, Surnames and DNA testing. Why is DNA used in forensic science?

Day: Tuesday
Date: February 22, 2022
Time: 1:30 to 3:30 pm

You will receive a Zoom link by email the day before the class.

Webinar: Genealogy, Genetics & DNA TestingABOUT THE PRESENTER
Elizabeth Briggs was born and educated in Glamorgan, South Wales. She continued her post secondary education in Canada. She holds a B.Sc., B.Ed., and M.Ed. degrees. She has taught Biology, Chemistry and Leadership for many years at the high school level. Elizabeth is retired and spends time on family research, teaching genealogy and genealogical research for the government. Elizabeth has volunteered at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives where she developed a database for almost ten thousand Servants’ Contracts from 1776-1926. Elizabeth has written or co-authored a number of books to help people research their family history. Some of these include: Biographical Resources at the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Volumes One and Two, Before Modern Medicine: Diseases and Yesterday’s Remedies, and, York Factory Medical Journals, 1846-1849.

Elizabeth has been an invited speaker to Smithers, B.C., the Ontario Genealogical Society Seminar, Orkney Family History Society, Scotland and Manitoba Genealogical Society. She has been Genealogist in Residence at the Millennium Library. Elizabeth has been a regular presenter at Winnipeg Libraries, Creative Retirement and the Brandon Genealogical Seminars. Elizabeth is a past president of the Manitoba Genealogical Society.

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