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Ontario Ancestors Simcoe County Branch

This Saturday, Feb. 5th at 2 pm (EST) the Simcoe County Branch, Ontario Ancestors, is pleased to welcome Christine Woodcock who will tell us about researching your Métis ancestors. Originally from Scotland, Christine is a genealogy educator who enjoys sharing knowledge and opportunities with others to assist in their quest to find their ancestors. Christine’s interest in Scottish genealogy led her to research Scots who came to Canada to work for in the fur trade and stayed, starting the families that are part of the Métis Nation.

As well, representatives from the Simcoe County Branch have volunteered to help with a project spearheaded by the Canada Ireland Foundation who are hoping to locate as many of the migrants who left Ireland at the height of the Irish famine in 1847 and resettled in Canada. Join us on Saturday, Feb. 12th at 2 pm (EST) when representatives of the Canada Ireland Foundation will discuss ways to research these migrants, their Surviving the Famine: Tracing the Irish Famine Generation project and ways that you can help.

Registration for both of these Zoom sessions is required and can done from the Simcoe County Branch Meetings page on the Simcoe County Branch website at:

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