Index of Manitoba Soldiers killed in WWI

The Archives of Manitoba has created an electronic index of some Manitoba soldiers killed in WWI. This index was generated from a series of cards created by the Government of Manitoba for the purpose of documenting Manitoba casualties. The original index was made during and after the war but was not a complete record. As a result, this electronic index is also not a complete list of Manitobans killed in WWI. Interested individuals can search the index for persons of interest, and if found, go to the digital record. The index is fully keyword searchable, making it easy to narrow down by community or other keywords, in addition to names.

Each of the 1092 cards contains information on an individual soldier, including name, rank, battalion, date of death, and may also include personal information such as community of residence and next of kin. Some have an obituary glued to them. To access the index, consult the following web-site:

2 thoughts on “Index of Manitoba Soldiers killed in WWI

  1. My great uncle 718912 PTE Frederick Storer Baguley of the 16th Canadian Infantry Battalion (Scottish of the 3rd Brigade of 1st Infantry Division was KIA at Vimy Ridge, France on 9 April 1917. He enlisted, as per his Attestaion Papers at Winnipeg, Manitoba on 6 January 1916. I have been unable to find my uncle’s name in the Manitoba WW1 Soldier Index, nor reference to any Canadian town WW1 Memorial that bears his name. Are you able to assist me to find where his name is recorded in Manitoba? Thank you.
    Faithfully, LTCOL Ross Baguley RAA (RTD)

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