PROJECT COMPLETED: Cummin’s Manitoba Railroad Guide for 1923

We are pleased to announce that the Cummin’s Manitoba Railroad Guide for 1923 indexing project has been completed.  Approximately 90,000 names on the maps have been indexed with entry date, and map pin locations have been uploaded.  It is now LIVE in the MANI (Manitoba Name Index) Source Search.

All MGS members can access this index in MANI.  Non-members can access all MGS holdings with a $10/day daily fee at the Resource Centre.

Thank you to Kori Maleski, Extraordinary Genealogist and Web Developer who has put this information into MANI.  MGS would like to thank our 23 indexers who donated their time to the project:

Sharon Simms
Garnet & Sheila Shearer
Dave & Helen Ramsay
Donald Burroughs
Patrick Lengyel
Chris Irwin
Fred Eldridge
Barry Reilly
Noreen Price
John Peach
Lorna Hawley
Martha McLeod
Lisa Baldwin
Veronica Janeczko
Kathryn Blair- Colbert
Pam Henault
Vivian Sullivan
Royden Kading
Susan Warecki
Beryl Dziedzic
James Hamilton
Darryll Kirton
Heather Anderson
Jerry Zihrul
Anne Bigelow
Rick Brown

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