New Journals Received in April 2024

Kerri JamesApril’s journals

Kerri James, MGS #520, Library Volunteer
Member of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch

We have many periodicals available for use in our library. Some periodicals are digital while others are printed. The digital copies are available for viewing on the Resource Centre’s computers, and the current print copies are available for use within the Resource Centre.

The printed back issues are available for members to either review in the Resource Centre or to check out for up to 3 weeks.

Most Recent Issues

The SGS Bulletin

Published digitally, three times per year by the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. The April 2024 edition (Volume 55 Number 1) contains 32 pages of articles and information, two of which are:

  • “Take a Deep Dive” by John H. Althouse. John talks about taking a deep dive on one or more areas of our own genealogical research, developing expertise in that area and sharing this specialized information with others who have an interest in that area.
  • “5 Reasons You Must Look at Original Records” by Lisa Cooke. There are actually 6 reasons as Lisa throws in a bonus one at the end, but all are good pointers we should keep in mind.

The PEIGS Newsletter

Published digitally four times a year by the P.E.I. Genealogical Society, Inc. The April 2024 (Volume 49, Number 2) contains 30 pages of articles and information including:

  • “Georgetown” by Joan Easton. This article is from a booklet entitled A B C of King’s County: Its History, Humor & Hang-ups. This article contains many snippets of information from the early 1800’s from Acts of the General Assembly to description of a shipment of dry goods received, and many more.
  • “Celebrating History Week” by Marlene Campbell & Jean MacKay. This article talks about the 100th anniversary of Canada’s Air Force and its impact on Summerside.
  • “An Anecdotal History of Victoria West” by John Robert Enman as told to Hazel Enman Ramsay. This is Part Three of a community history entitled “Kith ‘Kin”, published by Hazel Enman Ramsay.

Generations (Minnesota)

Published hard copy four times a year by the Minnesota Genealogical Society. The Spring 2024 issue (Volume 55 Number 1) containing 31 pages of information and stories, amongst those are:

  • “Esther Maynard of Stanton County, Nebraska: Finding Her New York Origins” by Bryna O’Sullivan outlines how the author traced a female ancestor in the early nineteenth-century with only a small paper trail.
  • “Joseph J. Allen: One of the First African American Mail Carriers in Saint Paul, Minnesota” by Jessica Fontana. Jessica traces the family of Joseph J. Allen, an early pioneer, one of the first men of color to gain employment as a letter carrier in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Additional Journals

In addition to the above, we have received the following journals:

A list of available journals at the MGS Resource Centre.

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