2024-25 MGS Council – Call for Nominations

It’s that time of year again where we send out the Call for Expressions of Interest & Nominations for our Council positions.  The MGS Council is made up of the MGS Executive and the Chairs of the Standing Committees and ad-hoc Committees.

To understand these positions better, you can view our Brief Position Description document below.  If you have been thinking about getting involved, and aren’t sure, the Members-at-Large position is a great way to be part of the Executive without holding a specific position.  You will learn about what we do and how things work, and it may inspire you to choose a specific portfolio next year.

View Executive Positions

View Standing Committee Positions

The MGS Executive meets monthly to take care of the business of MGS.  The positions that are on the Executive are:

Past President
VP Administration
VP Communications
VP Finance
VP Information Technology
2 Members-at-Large

these require an Expression of Interest as opposed to a Nomination—in other words, tell us you are interested!

The MGS Standing Committees are part of the MGS Council and meets quarterly to take care of the business of MGS.  The Standing Committee Chairs are:

Membership Services
Office Coordinator
Grants & Applications
Computer & Network Operation
MANI Management & Operation
Generations Journal
Community Education

Advisory Committees are:

Constitution & By-laws
Financial Review
Elections & Nominations
Volunteer Recruitment

MGS Nomination & Expression of Interest Form

Please Note:  You can also email nominations@mbgenealogy.com and tell us what you are interested in (with or without a form).  This includes all positions—both nominated and appointed.

We also need our members to nominate an MGS Volunteer for our MGS Volunteer Awards.

Learn about the MGS Volunteer Awards

The Annual General Meeting will take place Saturday, May 11, 2024, from 10 am to 12 pm.  MEMBERS are encouraged to attend by registering below.  The general public is welcome to attend and see what we are about. You may attend in person, or via Zoom.

Please email nominations@mbgenealogy.com and tell us you would like to attend the AGM.

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