What is an Ancestor Profile?

What is an Ancestor Profile?
Brought to you by the MGS Writer's Club SIG

Angela Fiebelkorn, VP Communications
MGS Writer's Club SIG


We are genealogists, and we love our pedigree charts, descendant charts, family group sheets, research logs, timelines and other genealogical forms and charts. As with all things, genealogy evolves, and with each advancement we see around us, changes in genealogy are also occurring---enter the Ancestor Profile.

In the MGS Writer's Club SIG, the Ancestor Profile keeps popping up when we discuss the various ways to write and publish your family history.  Instead of a large tome, family history can be shared in smaller formats as gifts at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and much more, and the formats you can choose from are extensive.  An Ancestor Profile is one of those formats---so what, exactly, is an ancestor profile?

An ancestor profile is a detailed record or account of the life, lineage, and historical context of an individual or a group of individuals who are connected through familial ties. These profiles typically include genealogical information such as names, dates of birth and death, places of residence, occupations, and familial relationships. However, they can also delve deeper into personal narratives, anecdotes, and historical events that shaped the lives of our ancestors.

Think of an Ancestor Profile as a family group sheet on steroids with a focus on one person.  It has a place for an ancestor photo and biography and looks modern and sleek.  Some are a gussied up family group sheet with that one person focus, and others have unique features that lend itself to a stunning visual presentation of your family history.  Let us explore the variety of Ancestor Profiles that are available for the genealogist, and the ways in which to use this genealogy tool, and how to write a biography of an ancestor you never knew.

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