MGS Project Update for Jan 2024

MGS Project Report for Jan 2024
By Rick Brown #1815, Projects Chair

Now that Winter is here, it is hoped that more members will be interested in contributing some time to indexing one of our ongoing projects.

The following is an update of our various projects:

Cummins Map Indexing
• 17 areas still being indexed.

Pedigree Charts Indexing
• We are now creating a database of all our members Charts from the 1980’s.
• Stage 2 will be to do the same with donated family histories.
• Stage 3 will be new member donated charts.

Local History Book Indexing
• With the simpler criteria more books have been indexed, but many more to do.
• It’s easy to do from the comfort of home. Please let us know if you would like to help.

Guardians of All Cemeteries Listing
• We are creating a master list of contacts for all the cemeteries in the province. This involves contacting municipalities, churches and private individuals.
• If you are interested, please e-mail

Newspaper Obits 1953 – 1968
• We have one member working on the project and more are welcome, it can be done from home if you have “NewspaperArchive” or by coming in to the M G S.

Portage La Prairie Newspaper Indexing
• Looking for someone from Portage la Prairie as it is only available in their library.

Henderson’s Directories alphabetical Index (completed)
• An alphabetical index A – Z for the years from 1880 – 1965 on Peel library web site.
• If you are interested a Beta copy available on request from

Municipality Data Package (completed)
• A collection of information relating to Old and New municipalities, cross reference, maps, and print link to all individual municipality maps. (20 pages).
• Beta copy available on request from


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