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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Many people order DNA kits at this time of year as they are on sale.  If you recently received an Ancestry DNA kit without a prepaid label for returning your sample, call 1-800-ANC-ESTRY (that’s 11 digits: 1-800-262-37879) and a customer service rep will email you a pdf of the label which you can stick on the box.  This happens because the standard prepaid label is for the US postal service, and sometimes Canadian orders don’t have the Canada postal service label included—so you need to ask for it.  Thank you to Sheila Woods, MGS member for bringing this to our attention.

Family Tree Magazine has an interesting article on changes to DNA on AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage. In particular, there are privacy concerns and new membership options that change access to the DNA portion of some websites.  You can read all about it here:

The Genealogy Insider_ Your DNA News Recap

There is an interesting presentation on YouTube regarding DNA called:  I Took 5 DNA Tests and Compared Them | Which One Is Best? by Useful Charts.  Useful Charts has some interesting videos charting biblical people, monarchy’s and so forth.  You can find more from him by following the Useful Charts link.  He also has other DNA testing videos on his playlist.

SciTechDaily has an interesting scientific article, published Nov 23, 2023, called New DNA Research Changes Origin of Human Species.  New information is arising on the the DNA front that calls into question past models of the origins of humans.

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