Sgt. James Laird 1889-1980

Flight Sergeant James Laird in his RCAF uniform.

James Laird (1889-1980) served from Winnipeg as a Private (A20863) in WWI with The Canadian Expeditionary Force and the 16th Battalion Canadian Scottish in England and France. He served from 4 Jan 1915 to 8 May 1919. In WWII he enlisted in the R.C.A. F. 12 Nov 1941 and was discharged 28 Sep 1945. He achieved the rank of Flight Sergeant (R147260).

James Laird’s identification tags from WWI and WWII

His most profound contribution was raising five sons who served in various capacities of the Military and a few grandsons that served Canada since WWI and WWII.

His job in 1945 was to turn off the B.A.C.T.P. Bases in Manitoba. One of his last bases was Souris, Manitoba.

Submitted by William Laird (Major, retired)

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