Lot 26 – Framed Lithograph by Koni

Lot 26 – Framed Lithograph by Koni

The artist is a Manitoban living and creating art in Gimli, Manitoba.  Professionally she is known as Koni; her name is Connie Krogal.  This piece was completed and framed by Mermaid’s Kiss Gallery of Gimli, in July of 2008.

This piece is 27 ¼ (width) x 22 ½ (height) inches, black frame with archival glass.  The following artist’s description of this piece is attached at the back of the framed piece.  

“This work consists of some of the original sketches I did from an original graphite work done earlier in my career. I photographed it then proceeded to remove the work I did not want. Rephotographed it which then produced a second generation print of the original drawings. I then created a new scene using collage material and new imaginary sketches. Find the old drawings ( O/D ) on the diagram, the material used for collage ( C ) and the new sketch work which is unmarked.” 

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