Lot 15 – Music in Manitoba

Lot 15 – Music in Manitoba

BOOK:  Musical Ghosts : Manitoba’s Jazz and Dance Bands, 1914-1966
by Owen Clark. A historical trip down memory lane from dance halls at Grand Beach to the music stores and nightclubs represented with a rich collection of singers and where the bands played. Loads of photographs to highlight these stories. 

BOOK:  Shakin’ All over: The Winnipeg Sixties Rock Scene
by John Einarson. Collectors will be excited to know this book is autographed by several musicians including Neil Young, Bachman -Turner Overdrive band members Randy Bachman & C.F. Turner (Fred Turner). Many of these bands had their start playing at high schools and community clubs but before long grew to what they are today. A fabulous nostalgia trip.

BOOK:  Our Musical Heritage: A Century of Jewish Musicians and Music in Winnipeg
By Sharon Chisvin. A rich history of musicians from synagogue choirs and folk music to operatic performances and CBC radio. Highlighting the rich Jewish cultural life of music.

Vintage Metronome

Even if you didn’t grow up with music in your own home you knew what these were for in friends homes. Either they liked them or not – depending on who you asked while practicing for their lessons. A true mechanical wonder of an instrument with fascinating directions on the inside label which reminds not to overwind!



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