MGS Fundraising Auction – Lot 10

LOT 10 – HD TV and Satellite Receiver



Samsung 32″ 720p LCD HDTVModel LN32B360C5D.  This TV uses CCFL that offers longer life and lower energy consumption than other technologies.  Energy Star compliant.  720p HDTV.  30,000:1 Contrast Ratio.  Built-in Digital Tuner.  SRS TruSurround HD Audio Output.  HDMI 1.3 compliance.  Game Mode.




Shaw Direct Motorola DSR605 HD Satellite Receiver.  This receiver has a Fast Processor Mpeg-4 and 3DTV compatible FULL HD and SD Reception Enhanced Channel Guide, 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound analog, digital and HDMI outputs, 3-1 Programmable UHF Remote Control, HDMI Output Fast Processor, Caller ID and Telephone jack.

This has a satellite input, UHF input, video in and out, digital audio, Ethernet port, HDMI port, eSATA port, serial port, and Telco (phone) port.  It comes with a power cord, HDMI cable, satellite cable and 2-way splitter.  Size:  10” x 8.5” x 2”.  Weight:  Just over a pound.


High Speed HDMI Cable:  E166307 AWM 20276 30AWG 80℃ 30V VW-1 high speed HDMI cable.  6 feet length.

Coaxial Cable:  Dish Network RG-59/U coaxial cable.  68-inch length.

2-way Splitter:  BGI 2 Way High Frequency Splitter 5-3000MHz.  All ports power passing.

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