Culture Days 2023

Culture Days Manitoba 2023 at MGS
October 14 th and 15 th, 10 am – 3 pm

An Invitation to Create Your Genealogical Journey!

Many heads make light work as we help you tell your own stories. Our volunteers have the resources at MGS to help you on your genealogical journey. We can assist you with a way to start, where to look and how to continue your research.  Your family history will be unique and we will help you with tips and guidelines for a successful way of doing it.

You can have a short resources tour of our library and our experienced genealogists will be available for one-on-one research assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. Minimum of ½ hour time slot which can be extended depending on demand.

You’re also welcome to bring in a foggy photo and our volunteers can help you use our high-quality scanner and photo enhancing software to improve the image to use in your family history. Bring in a flash drive or buy one for only $10 at MGS to save it for your use.

At the same time, we’re having an online auction and many of our prize packages will be there for you to take a close look at what you’ll want to bid on. More details will be available for this new MGS fundraiser.

To MGS members who haven’t done this: If you’d like to learn how to volunteer at our events, displays or presentations and  join our Community Education committee please contact


by  Daryl Dumanski (m.s. McCowan), MGS #1031
VP Finance

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