WANTED: Silent Auction Baskets

by Kathyrn Blair-Colbert, MGS #6484
Fundraising Chair

The MGS will be holding a Silent Auction in conjunction with Culture Days September 22 – October 15, 2023.   Our goal is to raise funds for the ongoing operations of the Resource Center by offering several raffle baskets.  We hope that you will be willing to donate a basket or items to help with our fundraising.

If you didn’t know, raffle baskets are groups of items from a similar theme that are raffled off as a single item.  An example would be “The Day-at-the-Beach Basket” – Create a basket with beach towels, frisbee, water bottle, sunscreen, hat, etc.

Other themed basket with suggested content ideas include:

  • The Bakers Basket – a bowl with baking supplies, such as rolling pins, cookie cutters, icing piping tools, apron, cookbook, recipe cards with ingredients, etc.
  • Movie Night Basket a bowl or other container filled with popcorn, seasonings, candy, soda, wine, a gift card to rent any movie of their choice, etc.
  • A Basket for Golfers – golf tees, hand towels, golf balls, sunscreen, hat, etc.
  • Camper/hiker basket complete with flashlight, compass, local hiking guide, tourist maps, water bottle, first aid kit, backpack, etc.
  • Date Night Basket – wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, cheese knife, wine glasses, bottle opener, chocolates, etc.
  • Gardeners’ Basket – plants, dried flowers, flower seed, wreath, gardening tools, gloves, watering can, etc.
  • Crafter’s Basket Choose a specific craft to base the basket around, such as cross-stitching, crocheting, or, scrapbooking Then, provide all the supplies to get started, including:
    • Yarn, thread, or fabric in multiple colors, paper, binders/albums
    • Knitting needles, or a cross-stitch hoop, scrapbooking materials
    • Basic instructions or a how-to guide

You are only limited by your imagination!

Your donated basket should be submitted to the MGS by September 15th.  Please include a list of items in your basket.

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