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Welcome to the MGS Writing Club.

We are a virtual Special Interest Group (SIG) that commits to sitting down for a few hours once a month to write about our family history.

The Writing Club will inspire you with topics to write about, ideas for sharing your family history and more.

Life is moving quickly, and many of us started life with 1 or 2 TV channels and now we have satellite tv with literally hundreds of channels.  These changes are in all areas of our life—some of us remember no electricity, no refrigerator, 12-inch black and white tv’s, and using our imagination while playing outside.  Those are the stories our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be fascinated by.  Who climbs trees anymore?  How many times have you built a Tom Sawyer style raft to float down a ditch in springtime?  Who fell into the ditch while trying to catch tadpoles?  Have you ever made a fort out of bales of hay?  What funny stories do you remember your parents or your grandparents telling you?  The Writing Club invites you to take a few hours once a month and write.  We will supply a topic or focus for that writing to make getting started easier.  It need not be pages long.  A few paragraphs.  A page.  A story.  That is what makes genealogy come alive!

And what about all those years of research?  That special ancestor that intrigued you the most.  The ancestor who was the black sheep?  The ancestor who excelled?  The ancestor that was forgotten until you came along?  Their stories need to be told, and who better to tell that story than you?

We are a “virtual” Special Interest Group, and we will meet via ZOOM once a month to talk about what we wrote, share ideas and share our stories, and choose a new topic to write about for the following month.  And, if you are so inclined, we ask that you share what you have written with us for publication in the member’s only section of the Generations digital journal.  But the important thing is that we take an hour or two each month and write the stories that turns genealogy into family history, and then share those stories for future generations in whatever way you feel comfortable with.

We invite you to join us.  Writing Club.  Do it for you.  Do it for your ancestors.

We have not yet decided which day of the week, or what time we will meet.  Please take our poll to Tell Us When You Are Available.  We will choose a date and time to accommodate the majority.  By answering our poll, we will know you are interested and contact you when we start in September, 2023.

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