New MGS Courses

Since the new MGS membership area has launched this past March, MGS has three courses available for members and non-members.

The Member Orientation course is for members only, while the other two courses are open to both members and non-members.


MGS is seeking family history stories for the Generations journal, and in our survey last year the number one reason cited for not submitting a story was “I don’t know how to write a family history story.”

So we have put together a short course to explain how to write a story for submission to the journal.  Both members and non-members can submit Manitoba-based genealogy stories for publication in the journal.  Click on How To Write A Story to go to the course outline page and check out the content of the course.  It is offered at no-cost.

The journal has a feature called Generation Gaps where members can submit one query per year at no cost.  Non-members pay only $10 for a 3-month submission.  Our newsletter goes out to over 1,600 individuals and organizations.  If you have a brick wall, placing a query amongst our subscribers who are interested in Manitoba families might just find you that missing piece you are looking for.  This very brief “course” gives you instruction on how to write a proper genealogical query.  It is offered at no-cost.

Our Member Orientation course gives new members an overview of the structure of our society as well as a review of all our member benefits.  It is conveniently listed by topic, so you can go back to review any “lesson” whenever you choose, to refresh your knowledge of MGS.

As you can see, we have a lovely platform available to us to offer genealogical courses.  If you happen to have any type of genealogical expertise, and are interested in writing a course for us, please let us know.  In the future, we hope to add to this area with webinars, recorded training programs and more.  Keep an eye out on this area for new items coming soon.



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