MANI Update Report for June, 2023

MANI is our name for the Manitoba Name Index which is the main database at the Manitoba Genealogical Society, Inc.  The MANI database lets you research a Manitoba name, and then points the researcher to where our members and visitors can access the data within our Resource Library.  We have many records that were given to us by various libraries, churches, etc. under specific rules (i.e. we can’t publish them) but we can make them available in our resource library.

The Research Department has a few new volunteers who have been working on book indexing when they aren’t doing research for our Research Package customers.  Our Project Team has streamlined the local history book indexing to three stages, which has moved the project forward at a blistering pace.  Ninety-one (91) local history books and 18 others books/databases have now been indexed for searching on MANI since implementing this change. MGS has collections which have been indexed that are not printed books.  This includes the “Flo Cox collection”, the “People File” & various lists (U of MB grads’ obits, Birthday, Milestones & Celebrations, and files that have been transcribed from MGS index card collections).

Pat Allan, long time volunteer and our resident MANI expert, has been working on the obituary tables:  deleting duplicate entries, adding some CemIDs, and working on our new MaidenNames column.  Previously there were 2 separate entries – one under each surname (alternate name not always noted), but with the MANI update, we can streamline the entries to one entry which includes the maiden name.  The search engine looks in both surname fields, eliminating the need for duplication.

For our avid MANI users, the updated MANI database will show changes when a search is run.  The search engine is catching foreign characters now, and apostrophes, commas and other diacritical marks which our old database didn’t recognize.  Entries with placeholder characters are being updated to include these “new” characters.  It used to be that search criteria had “contains”, but the new search engine has “starts with”—a distinct difference when using the search feature.

New items are flowing into MANI and if you have some time on your hands—consider volunteering a few hours a week.  Every bit helps grow our database, and many things can be done from the comfort of your home.  Contact

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