New Periodicals

New Periodicals

Submitted by Kerri James, MGS #5962, Library Volunteer
Member of the Southeast and Winnipeg Branch


We have a number of periodicals available for use in our library. Some periodicals are digital and others are printed. The digital copies are available for viewing on the Resource Centre’s computers and the current print copies are available for use in the Resource Centre. The printed copy back issues are available for members to either review in the resource center or to check out for up to 3 weeks.

Here are a few of the more recent issues:

The New Zealand Family Tree, published by the Family History Society of New Zealand Inc., digital publication. This periodical is published three times per year. The April 2023 edition contains 4 main articles: The Fascination of Cemeteries; the Giant Children of Foxton; Field trip to Nelson; and Clan Buchanan and the inauguration of a new chieftain.

The Lanark Log, published by the Lanark County [Ontario] Genealogical Society, digital publication. Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a “Swagger Stick” was? The May 2023 edition contains a clipping from the Lanark Era, published Wed, 16 Jan 1918 that explains just that. This edition also includes the articles: the Early Traditions of the Presbyterian Church; the LGCS at Archives Lanark; and Canada Loses a Great Farm Leader in W.R. Motherwell.

The Living Connection, Newsletter of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, digital publication. The May/June 2023 edition has a brief article on Ox Pulls and some interesting facts on oxen. I had no idea that a steer and an ox were physically the same, the difference being the ox has been highly trained. This edition also contains a brief on Steve Skafte who searches out forgotten stories and abandoned cemeteries and an article on the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

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