320,000 New Genealogy Records Online

In 2010, GenTeam went online with a total of 1.3 million records and they have reached a total of more than 21 million records as of the first quarter of 2023.  

GenTeam is a European platform connecting historians and genealogists who work on their own or in teams to provide researchers all over the world with information from their databases.   On GenTeam, all record details are available entirely free of charge. Using this site requires no membership fee.  GenTeam is and will remain free of charge!

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GenTeam Database


New Records

The new records that have recently come online are specifically:

Military: Austro-Hungarian casualty lists 1914-1919.  The casualty lists enumerate the wounded and killed soldiers as well as the prisoners of war of all Crown Lands of the Habsburg monarchy. In their entirety, these lists will hold approximately 3 to 3.5 million names. They include officers and one-year volunteers, but also subordinated military personnel of all denominations, including Jewish, Muslim and Protestant soldiers.

Vienna: Roman Catholic baptisms. A large number of records have been added for the parishes of 03 Landstraße, 03 Erdberg, 08 Gebäranstalt (Alservorstadt Krankenhaus), 12 Meidling, 15 Reindorf, 16 Neulerchenfeld, 17 Hernals, 18 Währing, 19 Neustift am Walde, 20 Sankt Brigitta.  The numbers indicate the respective district of Vienna.

Vienna: Roman Catholic burials. Records have been added for the parish of 02 St. Josef.

Indices of Roman Catholic church registers for Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Tyrol, Salzburg as well as Moravia and Germany.  Records have been added for the following Roman Catholic parishes:

  • Lower Austria: Elsarn, Enzesfeld, Ernstbrunn, Gaweinstal, Haugsdorf, Johannesberg, Ladendorf, Leobersdorf, Litschau, Neunkirchen, Pernitz, Piesting, Pillichsdorf, Pulkau, Rabensburg, Sankt Veit an der Triesting, Seefeld, Stoitzendorf, Straß im Straßertale, Waidmannsfeld, Weitersfeld, Windigsteig
  •  Upper Austria: Bad Hall
  • Burgenland (Hungary): Neuhaus am Klausenbach
  • Styria: Sankt Anna ob Schwanberg, Sankt Jakob im Freiland, Semriach
  • Tyrol: Abfaltersbach, Trins
  • Moravia: Grafendorf/Hrabetice
  • Bohemia: Zuggers/Krabonoš (before 1921 part of Lower Austria)

For a list of the available parishes and their respective periods as well as further important information on this database, click the green Help/Info button in the top right corner of the GenTeam website.

If you learn of any database with new records recently uploaded and want to share, please email generations@mbgenealogy.com and we would be happy to share it with our genealogical community.


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